Counselling for students

The Psychological Counselling Centre Campus Lucerne offers students psychological support and guidance to further develop their individual coping strategies and discover inner strengths that may still be hidden. Support includes:

  • Individual counselling for learning and work disorders, anxieties about exams and the future, experiences of failure, motivation issues, decision-making, uncertainty about the choice of studies, and stress due to health problems.
  • Crisis intervention in coping with acute stress and crisis situations or stress situations relating to studies.
  •  Advice about managing conflicts at the campus, escalating situations in internships, and other entrenched problem scenarios.
  • Psychological counselling for coping with mental stress such as anxiety, depression, difficulties in making contacts, inhibitions relating to speech and appearance, self-esteem issues, addiction problems, suicidal tendencies, etc.
  • Psychological support with issues relating to relationships and personal development.
  • Learning about ways to improve personal finances, work, housing, etc. as a prerequisite for relieving pressure while studying.

Requests for counselling are voluntary, and the service is free of charge. Confidentiality is a matter of course, and counsellors are subject to strict professional secrecy obligations.

We refer cases of a clearly therapeutic nature to other specialists or psychotherapists.

Overview of services during the pandemic

On-demand workshops

The Psychological Counselling Centre offers students regular workshops on topics such as coping with stress during their studies, time management, memory and learning strategies, etc. 

Counselling for students – alternatives to the chosen study programme

  • Students who have serious doubts about their field of study can get professional advice from the vocational, academic and career guidance service Lucerne (in German). However, counselling sessions for adults are subject to a fee – unlike those for young people. Students usually pay a reduced rate of CHF 80 per hour for counselling. The first consultation for students is free of charge. 
    Tel.   041 228 52 52
  • Counselling centres in other cantons are listed on the website of the Swiss Service Centre for Vocational Education and Training, Vocational, Academic And Career Guidance (in German).